CCA Timber Treatment

CCA Treatment has been the primary timber preservative treatment choice for nearly a century. It is still the first choice for critical components in harsh environments such as piles and poles submerged in dams or the sea and in swamp and marshlands.

CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenate) treated timber can be used in any building application where protection from fungal decay, termites and other insect attack is required. It is particularly suited for applications such as foundation poles, retaining walls and other heavy industrial building, marinas, decking, walkways, agricultural and domestic fencing, gazebos and landscaping, where long-term durability and economical performance are priorities.

CCA pressure treated timber is protected from rot, fungal decay and termite attack with Chromated Copper Arsenate. CCA timber preservative is the most widely used timber treatment in the world and has been used effectively to produce durable and economical outdoor building products for nearly a century. CCA pressure treated timber is also available specifically for use in marine exposure such as marine piling and jetty applications.

CCA preservative reacts with wood to form chemical complexes that are highly insoluble and leach resistant. It penetrates deeply into the sapwood and will remain effective for up to fifty years.

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