Australian Timber Wholesalers offers a range of additional services to ensure you get the best quality, appearance and value for your project.

We can supply our timber preservative treated with either CCA (H3 to H6) or ACQ (H3 & H4) as required to meet your specific requirements.

We provide specialist machining of our timber to detail, including dressed boards, handrails, decking etc.

ATW can supply our timber pre-oiled with Cutek CD50.

Our staff is pleased to assist with prompt quotes on all your timber and hardware needs, and offer alternatives if and where suitable.

Prompt delivery is available to your yard or site (subject to accessibility).

When supply of timber is required over an extended period, we can negotiate deliveries over a nominated time-frame to reduce the quantity of timber being left uninstalled on site. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

About Unseasoned Timber

Unseasoned timber should not be stored in the open for excessive periods of time prior to installation, especially during warm weather, as some deterioration in appearance may occur.

This deterioration may include dimensional distortion such as shrinkage, surface checking, end splitting, some bow, spring and twist, and loss of natural colour.