Our Kiln

ATW buys unseasoned (green sawn) timber from sawmills and dries it in our state of the art solar kiln. All of our cladding and decking timber is dried to 10-15% and most is between 11-13% moisture content, which is the ideal level for Melbourne and coastal Victoria.

The solar kiln uses the sun to generate the heat needed to gently dry our timber to the desired levels. The heat is circulated around the chamber using 240 volt fans, while the inflation and control device fans, which direct the heat to where it is required, use a 12 volt system.

The result is a low emission, environmentally mindful system producing stable, high quality timber boards for cladding and decking and many other architectural and construction requirements. It takes a bit longer than some other kilns but the consistency and quality make it well worth the wait.

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