Grey Ironbark Cladding

Ironbark is a very high strength and durable timber and very hard and heavy. The heartwood ranges from pink to red and dark brown.

It is generally even in texture and can have some attractive grain figure. Grey Ironbark cladding can be used in BAL19 areas with no added fire retardant, whilst Red Ironbark can be used in BAL 29 areas.

ATW can also supply your Grey Ironbark cladding pre-oiled with Cutek CD50.


Species Grey Ironbark (Eucalyptus Paniculata, Drepanophylla, Siderophloia)
Profile Standard Shiplap
Sizes Available 90 x 19mm, 135 x 19mm, 190 x 19mm
Strength SD1
Hardness 16.3
BAL Rating 19
Durability (Above-ground) 1

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