Fencing and Landscape Timbers

Timber is a natural choice for fencing and landscape projects, be it a sophisticated, contemporary design or a simple practical solution. Australian hardwoods with their stunning range of colours, design flexibility, strength and durability are the best timbers to compliment the Australian environment.

Fencing Timbers

Fences come in all shapes and sizes, from small privacy screens and post and rail farm fences to feature designs in housing estates. ATW offers a huge range of sizes and lengths of Ironbark, Spotted Gum and Blackbutt to ensure your fence or privacy screen fits your design or project needs.

ATW offers sawn or smooth dressed all round (DAR) in seasoned or unseasoned timber. ATW can also offer other durable native Australian species.

ATW can also supply your timber pre-oiled with Cutek CD50. and/or machined to meet your specific needs.

Landscape Timbers

Timber landscape sleepers have been used for generations in Australia to create multi-level garden spaces or provide large level areas on sloping land. Raised garden beds for flower or vegetable cultivation are becoming popular and untreated timber sleepers are the preferred choice for their construction.

ATW supplies Ironbark Landscape sleepers in a large range of sizes and lengths to enable you to create any design you can imagine. Grey Ironbark, being a durability class 1 timber, will outlast any alternative product available. ATW can also offer other durable native Australian species.

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